QR Barcode Scanner iPhone

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QR Barcode Scanner iPhone

QR (Quick Response) Codes are 2 dimesnional types of barcodes containing black squares on a plain white background. These codes have received global acceptance thanks to the fact that they can be scanned by smartphones including one that has an iOS.

Apple is the company that has manufactured the iPhone. Truth be told, they have done a commendable job by including a feature that can scan QR Codes.On top of scanning abilities, this specific feature also enables you to share contact information easily.

QR Barcode Scanner iPhone-apps that can scan QR Codes

  1. Scan: This barcode is as simple as they come thus making it a favorite among many. If the QR Code you are scanning is carrying a phone number, you will be asked whether you want to save or make a call action. If it is a URL, it is automatically opened.
  2. RedLaser: This scanner is also versatile and has a simplified function. It also comes with additional features like shop-assistant, which enables you to make price comparison on any product. Another feature is one that enables you to store and share loyalty cards.
  3. Bar-code: This app is one that comes with minimal features thus removing all clutter. One of the features allows you to track the code you have scanned and also keeps an image of the things you have scanned. These two features are not commonly found in other qr iPhone scanners.
  4. QR Code Maker: This application not only scans QR Codes but also makes them. It is user-friendly and efficient.
  5. Shop Savvy: This is also a popular and also versatile qr barcode scanner iPhone. It also doubles up as a shop assistant that gives you great savings.
  6. QuickMark Classic: This app is able to scan both qr and barcodes. It also enables you read Quick Response codes that are in a photo in your phone.

QR barcode scanner iPhone – How to scan a QR Code with an iPhone

Scanning a QR Code with your iPhone is relatively easy.

  1. Download and install a QR Code reading app that is compatible with an iPhone. There are some apps that are free while others you’ll have to pay for.
  2. Locate a nifty QR Code to scan.
  3. Launch the scanning application; pull your phone’s camera up to scan the code.
  4. While there are some applications that will instantly detect the code this start scanning automatically, there are some that will require you to click on the ‘capture’ button. After few seconds, you will have your information.
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