QR Barcode Scanner Android

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QR Barcode Scanner Android

QR is the short form of “Quick Response” which is a square barcode that was first developed by a Japanese Toyota Subsidiary known as Denso-Wave. Unlike conventional UPC barcodes that have horizontal lines, QR codes are made up of squares and are easily captured. They also contain much more information than the ordinary barcodes.

However, a QR code is not just a technology whose use is only limited to checkout counters and in warehouses. They have evolved and are found in the consumer realm and that is why they are all around you.

QR barcode scanner android – How do QR codes benefit you?

As a consumer, Quick Response codes are meant to be a fast way of performing actions using your phone. As opposed to NFCs, QR Codes do not have fancy electronics neither do they need special technology. They are just black and white grids that are printed on pieces of paper and can be captured using any camera.

Typically, these two-dimensional codes are read by a scanning app installed in a smartphone. The application makes it possible for you to take any material that has a QR code, locates that code, analyzes it and converts the code to meaningful information. Example, you may come across a QR code on a product’s packaging, business window or billboard. You take out your phone and start scanning the QR code. The code will take you to whichever destination the creator of the code wanted.

Examples of QR Barcode Scanner Android for business

  • Cam Card Lite: This is a highly rates Android app for scanning QR barcodes. With this app, you can easily save and share business cards. The phone’s camera captures the business card and save the contact data in your phone’s address book. This in turn makes it easy for you to organize and also find correct contacts.
  • Barcode scanner: This application can also scan QR barcodes and is very user-friendly. From that QR code you scan you can save calendar events, URLs, text messages, contact information etc.
  • CamScanner: This application converts your smartphone to a document scanner. With it, you can save expense receipts and also capture whiteboard notes for reference.
  • PDANet: Ever attended a meeting and realize that you do not have any internet connection? This application comes in handy in such moments. It enables you to share internet connection that’sin your phone with your PC and the speed is also the same.

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