QR barcode readers

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QR barcode readers

QR code is the short form of Quick Response codes. It basically means a code that can be scanned quickly. These are two dimensional readable barcodes. QR codes are popular among marketers and business owners as they are good channel for interacting with clients.

The good thing about using QR codes is they are not only user friendly, but also easy to use. This is all thanks to the fact that you can scan them using your mobile device. This means you do not have to go shopping for a barcode reader in order to scan a simple QR code.

QR codes are one of the most effective mobile marketing channels. They also help bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. Better yet, they are cheap. In fact, you need not incur any expenses when creating and using QR codes.

Examples of QR barcode readers

QR scanner

This is the fastest scanner you could choose for your mobile device. Also, this reader works best in iPhones and is available in iTunes.

Barcode scanner

With this type of barcode reader, you simply download and install it in an android device. Something else about this reader is its ability to scan QR codes and other types of barcodes.

Scan life reader

This is yet another type of reader that you can use. It has a user friendly interface thus making it easy to use. If you have a blackberry smartphone, this is the best scanner you can use.

QR barcode readers – more on how to scan a QR code using a Smartphone

Although so much has been said and is still being said about using your smartphone to scan QR codes, you must download one in your phone in order to use it. This is because some phones come with pre-installed phone scanners while others do not.

If your phone does not have a scanner application, there is no need to worry. You can always download one from your phones app store. You will find both premium and free QR code readers. Check out the reviews to help you determine which reader will best serve your needs.

When selecting a reader, go for one that is both efficient and fast. You do not want a reader that takes too long to display a QR code’s content. You can download a few and test them out in order to figure out what works best for you.

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