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Q code

Today, we live in a dynamic digital world. For this reason, it is always ideal to evaluate your options when moving forward. Qr codes were first heard of in Japan about twenty years ago. However, it is not until recently that these codes started being used as marketing tools. Today, these codes have become hard to ignore. You are likely to come across qr codes everywhere you go.

In the world today, most of the world’s population is using smart phones among other smart devices. With such high numbers, it is almost impossible to believe that only 15% of these people use their smart devices to scan qr codes. With such low user numbers, even in the business world, there are several reasons that may be the cause of moderate use of qr codes.

Q code – Why qr codes are being used in such low numbers

2014 is already with us and qr codes are yet to find their place in the marketing world. This can be as a result of two factors:

Users are yet to understand the benefit of qr codes

It is important for business owners who make use of qr codes to take the time and educate users on the benefits of using qr codes. It is also a good thing to teach them how to use these codes.

They are being wrongly used

In order for qr codes to be effective as a way of marketing, they need to be utilized correctly. Businesses need to focus on effective ways of using qr codes to market their brands.

Q codes – is there hope?

Is there hope for qr codes in the marketing world? The correct answer is yes. Qr codes they are flopping because they are simply not being used properly. With proper qr usage tutorials, these codes can be the next big thing in business marketing.

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