Printing QR Codes

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Printing QR Codes

Also known as quick response codes, QR codes are two dimensional codes that can store different characters such as numerical, alphabetical, Japanese etc characters. These codes have a black appearance lying on a white background. They are also square in shape. Even though these codes are still a relatively foreign concept for many casual users, they do have a lot of potential and have changed mobile marketing.  Read on to know more about QR codes and how you can go about printing them.

Creating QR codes is easy and so is scanning them. But what if you want to start printing QR codes? What are some of the best practices to employ and how can you pint QR codes especially on product labels? Read on to find out.

What you need to know when printing QR codes

Even though the below guidelines for printing QR codes might seem long, it is actually easy once you get the hang of it. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind before printing QR codes:

The materials

You cannot read QR codes when they are on highly curved or highly reflective surfaces. More so, when light rays hit the QR code and the dark squares white out.

The color

Print the QR code on a soft pastel or white color background and don’t print the QR codes on dark colors. Also, avoid inverting or reversing the print. Therefore, the black should be a darker contrast color in order for it to be picked up by scanners. Remember, the reference points for scanners are the 3 black corner marks. If you wish to colorize the code, ensure that there is over 55% difference in contrast between the background and the squares.

The size, format and placement of the codes

  • The size of the codes

QR codes on business cards should be 645.16mm or larger. However, there are some cameras that can even read codes that are as small as 31.75mm X 31.75mm. Give the code a small white space boarder.

  • The format

When saving or developing your QR code, use PNG format. Also, remember to scale your graphics proportionately when resizing.

  • Positioning the QR code

If in print, ensure that you keep it far from the fold so that the scanability can be improved as it will be visible. When in direct mail, avoid placing it near the edges and don’t have it in the crease.

QR codes are becoming part and parcel of print marketing so you should include them in your campaigns for improved conversions.

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