PDF QR Codes


PDF QR Codes

QR codes popularity have grown over the years throughout the globe from Japan. Also known as quick response codes, QR codes are customizable and malleable. Their use has also been revolutionized i.e. from tracking of car parts during its assembly to storing of information for online advertising and marketing purposes.

Why QR codes?

QR codes come with a lot of advantages ease being the biggest reason why you will see it in different places like gravestones and billboards. As for businesspeople, creation of QR cods is free which a plus is for people who have their doubts about it and would like to try it out first.

There are different ways of using QR codes. Example, you can have PDF QR codes included in your PDF formatted file. So, how do you do this? Simple! Use a QR code generator that supports that format. With such a generator, you have the option of adding/modifying a QR code that is already include in a file. Doing so is also fairly easy as all you will have to do is to click on that code and modify it.

The ease of creating and modification makes it possible for you to create many QR codes since the strings are in the SWF widgets.

When utilized properly, QR codes can be a great addition to your marketing mix. All you need to do is make sure that the information embedded in the QR code is useful and place the QR code in a location that your target audience frequents. If it is your first time creating a QR code, try offering freebies to entice people to scan the QR code. If the information held in the QR code is useful, your audience won’t need a freebie to scan the code.

How to create PDF QR codes

Creating PDF QR codes is the easiest way to personalize your PDF files. Below are steps that will help you create QR codes for your PDF files with ease. First of all, you need to download Acrobat QR code generator. Then:

  • Click tools>content>Multimedia>SWF tool.
  • Drag the selected area to the location you would like to place your QR code.
  • Click Browse then locate crobatQRCodeCreators.swf
  • Open the file
  • In the “insert swf” dialog box use “advanced options”
  • Click OK.
  • Click hat QR code widget by clicking it then enter a URL and save it.

You can make your work easier by using tools such as the Visualead QR code generator.

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