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QR codes are two dimensional codes that somehow resemble barcodes. However, they are different in that they (qr codes) feature URLs for sites and contain alphanumeric text that enable users to know more about a product or place.

QR codes can be decoded using software tools like smartphones with software that interpret the code. QR codes are commonly found in labels of products, buildings and billboards all inviting smartphone owners to use their devices to access the information therein.

Codes have the ability to provide tracking details for different products in industries. They can also provide routing data on mailing labels and information about a person on business cards. Code patterns have a small size and can have an aesthetically attractive image integrated into them.

Who can use them?

They first became popular in Japan and are now used for advertising, inventory control, logistics and commercial tracking. The popularity of these codes is also fast rising in Canada, the US and Europe as many mobile phones have the ability to access 3G networks. QR codes are used in many areas of life and business.


QR Codes are barcoding systems that are used to encode complex data in 2 dimesnional spaces and can be decoded using smartphone cameras with the help of QR software. One of the things that have made these codes popular is the fact that they have the ability to store a lot of information that can be accessed fast.

Adding a code to your pdf file for each web-page link can have positive results especially if you are trying to give out links to your sites. If you want to have a pdf qr code, here is how to include a qr code to your pdf file:

  • Download an Acrobat qr code generator.
  • Click on “tools” then on “content”. Click on “Multimedia” then click “SWF tool”
  • Double-click or drag the area selected to the place you would like the code to appear.
  • Click on Browse to locate “AcrobatQRCodeCreators.swf” file then open it.
  • Use advanced options in the dialog box for “Insert SWF” to change the ‘Enable When” to the page containing content is visible. Click on OK.
  • Activate qr code widget by clicking on it
  • Enter the URL link you want to be in the qr code.
  • Save that file.

Tweaks to QR codes are made possible by the built in error correction mechanism. This enables you to have color QR codes .

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