PDF QR Code Generator

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PDF QR Code Generator

QR codes are 2 dimensional codes that have the ability to store large amounts of data.

Did you know that you can now add QR codes to a PDF formatted file for all links you have on your website? How you ask? By using a PDF QR code generator.

The PDF QR code generator

The PDF QR code generator better known as the Acrobat QR code generator is a .SWF file that can be added to a PDF page of your choice and it will create a QR code from whatever string that has been entered in that input field; the most useful string being links.

The PDF QR code recipient will need to use a Reader 9 or a higher one if the code is to appear on a printed page. If you would like to include a QR code in a PDF file, here is how to go about it:

  • Download the Acrobat QR Code Generator.
  • Click Tools>Content>Multimedia then select SWF tool
  • Double-click or drag to select the page area you wish to have the QR code appear at. Once you do so, a “Insert SWF” dialog box will appear.
  • Find the file: “AcrobatQRCodeCreator.SWF” by clicking on Browse. Open the file.
  • Choose advanced options in the dialog box i.e. Insert SWF dialog box. That way, you will be able to change from “Enable When” option to ‘The page containing the content’ is visible. Click OK.
  • Activate the QR code widget by clicking on it.
  • Enter the URL for any ink you want the users to receive.
  • Save that file.

You could also opt for easier to use tools such as Visualead that allow you to create PDF QR codes.

How to modify a QR code that is already on a page

There are many reasons that might make you want to modify your QR code. For instance, you might have made a typo error in a url address or misspelled the address of the website. You probably even created content on a topic that is ever-changing meaning that your opinion might change with time example, a sign for a house being sold and the sign gets moved to another house on sale. So, if the sign reads ‘2 bedroom house’ and the next house is a four bedroom house, you will need a quick change. To modify the sign:

  • Double click that QR code two times each day to modify it.
  • Since QR code strings are stored in SWF widgets, you have the freedom to have as many widgets as you want.
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