Paying with QR Codes

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QR Codes are the most popular way to get people to make the leap from offline to online because they’re easy to use and easy to create. Businesses all around the world are beginning to realize the potential of the QR Code for drawing customers into the online, mobile world with just one simple scan. And one of the greatest uses for QR Codes is as an efficient and quick way for people to shop online because paying with QR Codes is incredibly easy.

Visual QR Code

Scan to Pay

Many of you have probably read about the innovative use of QR Codes for grocery shopping in South Korean and Chilean metro stations and maybe you’re wondering when this option is going to be available worldwide (I know I am! :-)).

This is a great utilization of the QR Code’s main advantage which is to allow the customer to view the product in a poster and purchase it right there, instead of having to wait and buy it later. This method can be used by all businesses who offer products which can be delivered and it’s the way to capitalize on the interest that your poster or advertisement has generated. Think about it – you see a great product in a poster, scan the QR Code and are immediately lead to a checkout for the purchase of the product and you can purchase it right there, with no hassle and no second guessing. Check out how Paypal used QR Codes for Valentine’s Day shopping.

Coins of the future – Paying with QR codes

Bitcoin, the revolutionary open-source payment system of the virtual world is thought by many to be the coins of the future and QR Codes are the easiest way to send and receive Bitcoins. You can create a Bitcoin QR Code with Visualead’s generator which is a great call-to-action as it is easily and instantly recognizable.

So join in on the fun and offer your customers a quick and easy way to purchase your products!


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