Own QR codes

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Own QR codes

There is more than one way that can be used to explain what QR codes are exactly. QR codes can be defined as a type of barcode. QR codes can also be described as black square matrixes that are used to store data of different types.

The invention of QR codes took place in Japan. Back in the 90s, when QR codes were invented, they were only used in car manufacturing plants. People, mostly business owners, have found more than one way that they can use QR codes. Business owners are using QR codes to share their contact detail, email address, text message etc. there are also some business owners who use QR codes to redirect clients to their websites.

If you are a business owner, and you are already willing to embrace the use of QR codes, you do not have to the slightest idea of how you can get your own QR code then worry no more as creating QR codes is very easy.

Own QR codes – how to create

As mentioned earlier, creating a QR code is very easy. Just follow the steps that have been outlined below to successfully create your own QR code:

  • Find a QR code generator – there are very many QR code generators that are available online. This makes it somewhat hard for you to select an ideal QR code generator. One of the best you can use to choose the most suitable QR code generator is by checking out reviews. The more the positive reviews, the more reliable the QR code generator is. To make your work easier you can give Visualead a try. It’s one of the top rated QR code generators.
  • Enter the relevant data that is to be included in the QR code. This data is entered in the text box on the QR code generator. If you want to make your QR code look unique and beautiful, you can customize it. You can customize a QR code by adding some color and effect to the QR code, or including an image or a company logo.
  • Press the create QR code button. You will be able to see a preview of the QR code you have just created. Use a smartphone to scan the previewed QR code and ensure that it is working. Testing a QR code before releasing it to the public is very important.
  • Download and print the QR code.
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