Open source QR code generator

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Open source qr code generator

You probably have noticed the cool looking white and black square shaped barcodes that are appearing more and more often on almost everything that you buy, from magazines, signs, food and beverages etc. QR codes or quick response codes are two dimensional barcodes that are nowadays being used by many business people as a way of marketing and advertising products and services.

The popularity of QR code is due to people finding more than one way to use them. This is opposed to a few years ago when they were first invented and were only used to track car parts in Japanese manufacturing companies. QR codes are used to save different types of data, from phone numbers, email addresses, website URLs, among other type of data that can be saved in the in the QR code.

Open source QR code generator – How to create QR codes

Creating QR codes has now been made easy, thanks to the existence of QR code generators that can be found on the internet. It is important to choose a QR code generator that will suite and meet the requirements of the QR code type that you want to create. Also, ensure that the QR code generator that you choose to use is compatible with the computers operating system. Below are qualities that you should look for in a QR code generator:

  • The QR code generator should be fast. It should take only a few minutes to create QR codes.
  • Should be free.
  • A good QR code generator should be safe and secure to use. This feature will guarantee you that your QR code will not cause problems with the those who scan it
  • A good QR code generator should be user friendly. The QR code should not be too complicated such that it is difficult for users to use it.

After identifying a QR code generator that has the above features, you can then proceed to using it. Enter all the data that you want to be contained in the QR code generator, be it an email address or a website link or any other information that you want to be contained in your QR code. Click on the create QR code button after you have entered all the information. Download and print the QR code that you have created. You can print your QR code label on anything of your choice. Be it a t-shirt, a tea mug or even on a billboard.


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