Online QR Code Generator

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Online QR Code Generator

If you are wondering what QR Codes are, they are two dimensional barcode types that are used to store massive amounts of data/information.These 2D codes consist of square shapes and they are the ones that carry all the information.In order for you to get the information in a QR Code, you need to get a QR scanning app as it is the one that has the ability to decode any QR Code.

Since QR Codes have grown in popularity, you will now realize that most smartphones come with an in-built QR Code scanning application. However, this does not mean that all smartphones come with these apps pre-installed. If you phone does not have a pre-installed QR code scanner, you can still scan a QR Code by downloading a scanning application from the internet then installing it in your phone.

Online QR code generator – Different ways you can use QR Codes to build a business

  • Business cards: Include a QR Code on a business card and embed all your contact details in the code. That way, people scanning the code will get more than just the basic contact information.
  • On clothing: Printing QR codes on clothing like t-shirts is a great way to redirect scanners to your personal social media profile.
  • On a website’s contact page: That way, people can easily access your mobile-optimized web page with ease.
  • On price tags: That way, when a customer scans the code s/he will be taken to a page that has the specs of that specific product.
  • On instruction sheets: The best part about including a QR Code on an instruction sheet is that, you will be able to embed a video that gives the instruction on example, assembling a machine.
  • On a sign “For Sale”: If you are selling a car or house, you can include a QR Code on a for ‘sale sign’ where when scanned, gives the person the specs of the car or takes him/her on a virtual tour of the house.

An example of an online QR Code generator

Visualead is one of the best online QR Code generators available. Not only is it user-friendly and free, but also readily available to all people. What’s more, you do not need to be code savvy to use visualead. You simply follow the prompts and you will be well on your way to creating a QR Code.Simply access the internet and go to

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