One Reason Why The Galaxy S4 Will Blow Your Mind

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By: Ari Fuld (@arifuld)
Social Media and Content Manager at Visualead

On January 9, 2007, Apple reinvented the mobile phone. Steve Jobs was not kidding when he announced Apple was changing everything. Not only could one hear the excitement in Steve Jobs’ voice as he described the revolutionary concept of the iPhone, the same feeling was felt by anyone who purchased the new iPhone. The iPhone introduced a totally new experience when it came to mobile communications.

Have We Reached Mobile Deadlock?

Six years later the mobile tech space seems to be stuck at a complete standstill. Apple has sued Samsung for patent infringements and has gone after HTC as well. Whether the billion dollar lawsuits are justified or not is a subject for a separate post, but what we can learn from these very expensive mobile wars is, mobile phones today all look the same.

It’s as if we have reached the end of mobile evolution. If we would play a game of association and I would say “touch screens, faster processors, interactive home screens and drop tests” you could not tell me if I was talking about Apple, Samsung, HTC or even Blackberry. Perhaps the next big thing in mobile technology just doesn’t exist.

Can You Spot The Difference?

Samsung, The Mobile Queen

The fact that the Samsung Galaxy has outsold the iPhone has not been able to erase the reputation it has as the iPhone chaser. Even Samsung’s commercials gave the impression that they were hot on the trail of Apple instead of leading the pack. Here’s the official commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S2. It’s entertaining but the message is “We know iPhone is king but please try us out”.

What’s In The Box?

 Samsung recently released a teaser and rumors are flying about the soon to be released Galaxy S4. The teaser itself offered no hint as to what the Galaxy S4 will include but it was the first Smasung commercial ever not to mention the iPhone.

Such a meaningless but suspenseful commercial can only mean one thing.
Samsung is about to blow our minds!

When it comes to hardware I’m not sure there is anything Samsung can or will introduce that will make anyone go “Wow!” Perhaps that is the reason there have not been any leaked pictures of the new Galaxy S4. There’s just nothing new to show.

When it comes to software?
Looks like Samsung is about to reinvent the reinvented phone.

You’re The Apple Of My Eye

Both the NY Times and Mashable have reported on what seems to be the next big thing to come out of Samsung’s box.
According to the NY Times, Samsung recently (January) filed for a trademark in Europe for the name “Eye Scroll” (No. 011510674).
What this mind-blowing technology apparently does is give the new Galaxy the ability to track your eye movements.

Besides being extremely cool, what can mobile eye tracking do for us?
While Samsung is keeping its new technology under lock and key we can get a peek at the potential of eye scrolling technology from A start-up company called uMoove, which has been developing this type of technology for three years.

Whether Samsung is using their own technology or is teaming with Umoove, this is the first time in a long time that a mobile company gave us a reason to be excited.

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