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My qr code

Have you seen some bizarre looking squares on magazines, billboards, business cards or in your emails? These are actually QR codes. QR codes are two dimensional codes that are square shaped matrixes. The square matrixes are black and white in color, on a white background. The popularity of QR codes has risen over the last decade. The popularity of QR codes is due to their ease of use, flexibility and convenience that is associated with QR codes.

QR codes only require a smart phone for them to be scanned, unlike the bar codes that require big scanners to translate the information that is contained in them. QR codes can store different kind of information, from text messages, website URLs, email addresses, contact information, among other different types of information that can be stored by QR codes. QR codes are mostly used by business people as the latest form of marketing.

Are you having the idea of creating your own QR code? Read on and learn how to create QR codes and how you can use smart phones to scan them.

Creating my QR code

Creating your own QR code is a very easy task. All thanks to the QR code generators that are available on the internet, you now only require a few clicks and your QR code is ready for print. The first step to creating a QR code is choosing a QR code generator that is compatible with your operating system. It is also very important that you choose an operating system that is user friendly, and one that has all the features that you need for your QR code type. Below are some examples of QR code generators that you can go for:

The above named QR code generators come with the best QR code generator features.

Scanning my QR code

When it comes to decoding a QR code, all that you need to do is scan it, which is very easy. First of all, you need to have a smartphone that has a QR code scanner installed in it. Most of the smartphones come with the QR code scanner applications already installed in them. However, for the smartphones that do not have the ready to use QR code scanner pre-installed, you can download the scanner from the internet. Once installed on your smartphone, you can go ahead and scan your QR code, following the simple instructions that will be given to you.

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