Microsoft QR Code Vs Visualead QR Code

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Microsoft QR Code Vs Visualead QR Code

The Visualead QR Code generator is known for its effective creation of Quick Response Codes as it blends designs that not only attract users but also increase their engagement. On the other hand, Microsoft QR Codes have the same use as other QR Codes or two-dimensional codes. They make it easy for users to connect the digital world with the physical world.

QR Codes are two dimensional barcode types that can be used by anyone, and can store any type of information and in different formats. Microsoft Tag is also a two-dimensional code type and also serves similar purposes as other 2D codes.

Microsoft QR Code Vs Visualead QR Code

Even though both Microsoft QR Code and Visualead QR Code are 2D codes, they still have their differences. Some of them include:

  • Customizability: When Microsoft introduced their QR Codes, one of their selling points was that users could add color to their QR Code thus breaking the black and white boring appearance. Now, even Visualead has specialized in creating QR Codes that not only have color but also have images and logos as part of the code. One thing both have in common is that, you do not need to be a coding expert or have designing skills to create one.
  • Their scanning ability: Both Microsoft and Visualead claim that their codes have superior scanning abilities. However, with Visualead, you are not restricted to only using a visualead scanner to scan the code as is the case with Microsoft codes.
  • Adoption Rates: Microsoft and Visualead have gone tight-lipped when it comes to the actual usage numbers. However, Visualead seem to have a larger portion of the market share as big names such as Walmart and entertainment companies prefer using visualead QR Codes.
  • Closed source or open source: Microsoft QR Codes are closed source in that they can only be scanned using a platform designed by Microsoft. On the other hand, Visualead QR Codes do not limit the users i.e. you can scan a QR Code created by Visualead with a scanner of your choice.

Microsoft QR Code Vs Visualead QR Code – Some things both have in common

One good thing about these codes is that they are user-friendly. Their websites provide sufficient information to help you get started on creating a QR Code. They also provide you with an option of QR Code types to create depending on your QR Code needs.

Overall, you’d do well to go with Visualead for your business as it is a superior platform.

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