Microsoft QR Code Generator Vs Visualead QR Code Generator

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Microsoft QR Code Generator Vs Visualead QR Code Generator

The Popularity of QR Codes is one of the major reasons why many companies have started to jump into this bandwagon. The mere thought that you can take a simple Quick Response Code and make it much better than it is, is a very tempting idea. Microsoft and Visualead were amongst the first companies that took this challenge with Microsoft creating Microsoft Tag and Visualead finding ways to incorporate imagery to a QR Code.

Microsoft QR Code Generator vs. Visualead QR Code Generator

While both code generators fall under the category of those that create 2D codes, there are varying opinions when the topic of which generator (of the two) is the one that will be most accepted.Here are some of the factors that will help you make up your mind as to which the best QR Code generator is for you.

  1. Closed vs. Open Source: This is one of the major differences between the codes created by either i.e. whether those codes are closed or open sources. The codes created by Visualead are mostly open whereas the ones created by Microsoft are closed. By ‘closed’ it means that the codes by Microsoft can only be scanned using platforms by Microsoft.
  2. Adoption Rates: Though Visualead and Microsoft are quite secretive about the numbers they are experiencing in terms of users, they all say that the numbers are on the rise.Even so, visualead QR Codes seem to have the bigger portion of the market share because companies using such QR Codes include manufacturers, Walmart and even entertainment companies like HBO.
  3. Scanability: This is yet another hot topic whenever QR Codes are talked about.Microsoft has had some research done which indicates that their codes have been successfully used by many, there is no research by other sources to indicate the same. However, there is some anecdotal evidence that shows that QR Codes and Microsoft codes are evenly matched. Also, QR Codes can get hampered and it depends on the code readers and codes being used.
  4. Customizability: One selling point Microsoft had when it came to their codes was that, users could incorporate custom logos and colors in their tags/codes. Now, Visualead offer you the same abilities meaning that designers have managed to be creative with logos and graphics. Good thing is, with both generators, you do not need the help of a professional designer or have coding skills to create a code.

Find out more about visualead as you continue to learn more about Microsoft QR Code Generator vs. Visualead QR Code Generator.

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