Micro QR code

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Micro QR code

Before you start questioning what a micro QR code is, it is very important that you first learn exactly what a regular QR code is. A quick response code, which is commonly abbreviated as a QR code is a type of bar code that was first invented in the early ‘90s. The QR codes appear as black and white square matrices that are on a white background. The square matrices are used to save data, and are today commonly used by business owners. The information that business owners save in this code are of importance to their customers and potential clients. All the information that is contained in a QR code is usually encoded.

How a micro QR code defers from a regular QR code

A micro QR code is, therefore, a smaller version of the regular traditional QR code. A major feature of a micro QR code is that it only has one position detection pattern unlike a regular QR code that needs a required amount of space since the detection patterns are located at the three corners of a symbol.

It is important to equip yourself with some knowledge about micro QR codes before you start using them. Below are some of the most important features of a micro QR code.

Features of a micro QR code

  • Reduced size – a micro QR code has a smaller size than the regular QR code, thus the name micro. While the minimum size of a regular QR code consists of 11 by 11 modules, a micro QR code consists of 9 by 9 modules. The area that is required for a micro QR code can be reduced by up to 60%, when compared to a regular QR code.
  • High rate of information packing – a micro QR code allows you to save more information in it than in a regular QR code without having to increase the size.
  • High restoration capacity –with a micro QR code, you can set a high restoration capability than with the traditional QR. A micro QR code has a higher error correction level.
  • Use of both square and rectangular modules – with micro QR codes, it is possible to generate QR codes that have both rectangular and square modules. This ensures that you can be able to overwrite it on a space where there is a bar code. Thanks to this feature, you can also be able to print the QR code on cylindrical products and still maintain the readability of the QR code, which is impossible with the regular QR codes.


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