Meeting the Demand – QR Code Campaigns

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So I generated a QR Code – now what?

Visual QR Code

When it comes to QR Codes, more doesn’t necessarily mean better. Today, the QR Code is recognized by small and large businesses alike as the most popular offline-to-online call-to-action in the market today. Just like websites and Facebook pages, anyone who understands anything about business, got themselves a QR Code and posted it loud and clear in their business so all their customers can scan it and enjoy the benefits. And just like websites and Facebook pages, anyone who understands a little bit more knows that that simply having one isn’t enough. It needs to be user-friendly, attractive and most importantly – useful to your customers. So today, our blog is dedicated to all you business owners out there, to help ensure that your QR Code campaigns includes these important aspects.

Creating successful QR Code campaigns

Do #1: Don’t simply lead your customers to your website -> lead them to the most useful part of your website. Where would you like to be directed to if you were a customer? To the super-hot deals tab? To your Contact Us page?  Your store’s location on a map? Make sure they will feel that it was worth their time to scan your code.

Do #2: Offer your customers something to get from scanning your code – if it’s a five percent discount on purchases in your store, signing them up to a sweepstakes contest, or even simply opening up your product in their Amazon shopping cart so all they have to do is just press Buy to purchase it – all of these are great because they give your customers an incentive to scan your code and then reward them for doing so, thus increasing the probability that they will scan your code in the future.

Do #3: Use your QR Code in an easily recognizable way so that the customer has an idea of where the code is supposed to lead him. You can use Visualead’s generator to create Visual QR Codes that merge images with your QR code so that your code is more attractive and also a more recognizable call-to-action – here are some examples:

Visual QR CodeGmail QR Code



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