Making QR Codes – Learn The Uses Of QR Codes

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Making QR Code

QR Codes or quick response codes are 2D codes that can be read and scanned with the help of a qr code reader app installed in smartphones.  Once the code is scanned, the code will redirect you to the site chosen by the code’s creator where you will be able to get more information on a product or service.

QR Codes use

The use of qr codes has increased over the decade and have gone from just marketing a business to even storing messages and contact information. The best part is that, there are different qr code generators that have been made for all the different types of mobile phone operating systems out there. These generators also come with a paid-for and free version making them available to all people.

Making QR Codes

  1. Get a generator that is ideal for you: settle for one that will help you analyze and also track performance. It should also be able to create codes that are compatible with other code readers.
  2. Design the code: qr codes have come a long way. When they were first created, they came in black and white form and nothing could be done about its appearance. Time and technology has, however, made it possible for images and color to be incorporated into qr codes to give it a more appealing appearance. Get a look that best represents your brand image.
  3. Link and test it: Lastly, link the qr code then test it to see whether it works. You can link it with your business’ website so that, when a person scans the qr code, they will be redirected to the site where they’d have more information about your business.


Also, make sure that you keep an eye on the code scans you get. This will make it easy for you to analyze traffic generated by the qr code.

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