Making it Personal – Why Visual QR Codes are Better

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As any sales person will tell you, marketing is a complex business. This is because it not only requires you to reach out successfully to your customers but also to have them reach back out to you as well. Good marketing campaigns create a connection between a business and its customers, a connection that is based on trust and faith, just like any other relationship. And although many people may deny it, many of our decisions are influenced by other factors than pure logic. Every day people make choices based on their intuition, their feelings, their perceptions and options. That’s why creating and maintaining a good relationship with your customers is so essential. A crucial part of relationship includes getting personal with your customers – because it’s a lot easier to trust something you can see and touch.

Why do businesses have logos, brand-names and catchphrases? So that it will be easier for people to relate to them and recognize them. Businesses have long recognized the benefit of having an appealing, familiar logo and spend days (and sometimes months) carefully designing advertisements and posters so they’ll be as attractive to their target audience as possible. So why should QR Codes be any different?

Personalized Visual QR Codes

People like color and they like pictures. Once the color TV became available, no one wanted black and white anymore. That’s human nature. That’s why Visual QR Codes are so much more effective than black and white QR Codes – they’re much better at attracting a customer’s attention and much easier for customers to relate to. How many times a day do our eyes slide past the meaningless barcodes in the supermarket on the products that we purchase? We don’t see it because the black and white code isn’t meant for us – it’s meant to be recognized and scanned by a machine. But Visual QR Codes, codes that have pictures and logos that we recognize, that we can interact with and relate to – well, that’s a whole different ballpark.

We at Visualead believe that by creating Visual QR Codes, our clients have the chance to transform their QR Code into a personalized, vibrant symbol of their business which their customers can use to make the leap from offline-to-online. What do you think? Which QR Code would you rather scan?

 Visual QR CodeBlack and white code

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