Make your own scan code

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Make your own scan code

QR codes can be defined as matrices that are square in shape. These square matrices consist of black and white modules that are placed on a white background.  However, you can choose to customize your QR code, and make it not look like all the other ordinary QR codes that are created. This is why you can spot a QR code that is not only black and white, but also have some other colors and effect included in it.

Make your own scan code – more on QR codes

QR codes are today being used in more than one way. The most common use of QR codes is marketing where QR codes are used to decimate information to prospects and clients. QR codes can also be used to drive traffic to a website.

You can choose to include contact details, a text message, or even link the QR code to a website. Once the QR code is scanned the information that is contained in it will be decoded, and saved in the device that you have used to scan it.

Make your own scan code – how to create your own QR code

Most people think that creating QR codes is an uphill task that consumes a lot of time. On the contrary, creating a QR code is very easy. There are QR code generators that help make the process easier. Some QR code generators available on the internet are free, while some require that you pay a small fee. They all work in the same way to ensure that creating a QR code is easy for you.

Once you identify an ideal QR code generator that suits the QR code type that you want to create, then you can start creating QR codes. Enter the data that you want to be contained in your QR code. Click on the ‘generate QR code’ button and your QR code will be generated. From here, you can download and print your QR code. It is advised that you test your QR code before you release it to the public so as to be sure that it is working as it should. If the QR code links to a URL, make sure the landing page is working.

To make your own QR code, you need an affordable and feature rich QR code generator that will allow you to create and customize your QR codes to your specifications. Give Visualead a try.

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