Make Your Own QR Code Free – What Are QR Codes Used For?

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Make your own QR Code Free

Do you own an online business and have not started using qr codes? You need to get familiar with the program and get your business a qr code. Many companies already have qr codes. The number of businesses that have been seen to use these two-dimensional codes is in millions.

QR codes are the black and white, boxes you have seen that resemble barcodes. If you have not seen them, you need to take a closer look at magazines, newspapers and in commercials because they are there. They are the latest technology in the world of mobile advertising and marketing as they link a business to all people who own smartphones.

What qr codes are used for

You can link your business’ website to the qr code and:

  • add a picture to the code
  • Information about a product and even a coupon.

That’s not all; you have the option of adding a guide for troubleshooting problems for consumers who may have purchased a product from you. The many possibilities that come with qr codes use are just endless.

Japan was the first country to use these codes and now, you will find qr codes on all products there. Japanese people have used qr codes to advertise and market all sorts of things, they have even been seen on some grave markers!

In Japan, you will find qr codes on food wrappers which link you to nutritional information about that food. Billboards have qr codes which advertise restaurants, cars and movies. These squares are motionless hyperlinks which join the digital world with this physical world.

Make you own code for free

Whether you decide to have the qr codes on newspapers, window stickers or flyers; all people who own at-least one smartphone can scan the code and automatically be linked to information. QR code apps are inexpensive and free and you don’t have to be savvy in coding to make one.

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