Make QR Codes – Steps To Making QR Codes

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Make QR Codes

In the world we are currently living in, it is important to try out new techniques more so, when it comes to marketing and advertising. QR codes have been around for over two decades and even so, not many know about it. However, these codes are becoming harder and harder to ignore because they are now found almost everywhere; from billboards, business cards to even t-shirts.

The flexibility that comes with the usage of qr codes is every advertisers dream come true. QR codes have made it possible for advertisers to advertise businesses, products and services without limiting their words or the amount of information they give out.

Why the popularity of qr codes is growing at a slow pace

Since qr codes have been around for over two decades, one would expect them to be as popular as some social sites. However, this is not the case. Some of the reasons as to why qr codes are not as popular as they should be include:

  • People are yet to understand how they can fully benefit from using qr codes. QR codes have the potential to increase a business’ bottom line and still do so much more.
  • People are able to make qr codes but use the codes wrongly. Business owners are yet to understand the various effective ways they could use qr codes for the growth of their business.

How to make qr codes

The following three easy steps will help you make qr codes

  1. Identify a suitable qr code generator: choose a generator that will enable you track and also analyze performance.
  2. Design your qr code in a way that it best represents your brand image. Good thing is, nowadays, you have the option of incorporating color and image in our qr codes.
  3. Link the qr code to your site and then test it.
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