Make QR Codes Free – How Your Business Benefits From QR Codes

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Make QR Codes Free

QR codes are just similar to barcodes. The only difference they have to traditional barcodes is that they are square and have the ability to hold a lot of data in them. One great thing about qr codes is that, once they have been scanned by your smartphone, they can take you to an official website. This is a good way to ensure that you do not end up in the hand of scammers who create lookalike sites.

How qr codes help you avoid malicious software

QR codes also help you avoid malicious software because, when the codes are scanned using a computer you are immediately redirected to the official website. That way, you will have ‘dodged a bullet’ when it comes to fake websites filled with malicious software.

QR codes save you and your customer’s time money. Your customers do not have to use a lot of internet searching for your website and you will not spend too much time and money when creating a qr code. Smartphones have also been created in a way that they can access the internet fast and so, your customers can access information they need from any location and fast.

Specs to have when you make qr codes free

  1. Size, color and space: make sure the size is mobile-friendly because most people will scan qr codes using their smartphones. the color should be one that represents your brand and make sure that there is enough space; a white border for the code to be easily read by the scanner.
  2. Written URL: make sure your URLs are short and can be scanned quickly. You can also write scanning directions above the URL so that customers who do not know how to go about it will be able to use the qr code.
  3. Tracking: keep track of the qr code’s activities. It helps you know how users are interacting with the code and this data will help you plan for a future campaign.
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