Make QR Code Free – Using QR Codes

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Make QR Code Free

You have probably come across QR codes then in your inbox or mailbox. This is clear proof that we are moving towards a world that revolves around digital technology and the truth is, qr codes are part of that evolution. So what exactly are qr codes?

They are 2-dimensonal barcodes that are scanned by a smartphone’s camera with the help of an app that is specially designed to scan qr codes. QR codes make it easy for companies to engage with their customers using online website content interactively.

How do they work?

When a customer scans a qr code you had created using their smartphone, they are able to have immediate access to a lot of information about your business. This information is more than that you would ever be able to fit in an ad, mail piece, business card or sign. Customers scan qr codes to get:

  1. Product information
  2. Special offer and coupons
  3. Giveaways and contest entries
  4. Video clips and surveys
  5. Informational or promotional videos
  6. To be part of social media sites

When you should use qr codes for your business

The good thing is, you can make qr code free of charge. After you have your customized code, your customers can use it to:

  1. Learn new things about the products or services you offer
  2. Receive special offers or even coupons
  3. View the reviews and videos posted about your dealings
  4. Get contact information for your business

You can have qr code reader installed or printed on your business card and link it to your website. That way, whenever a person wants information about your business, they are able to get all information by just scanning the qr code. Make sure that the qr code you make is a size that can be scanned by a mobile phone.

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