Make My Own QR Code – Benefits Of Using QR Codes

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Make my own QR Code

Quick response codes are two dimensional codes that are used to store a lot of information therein, usually in coded form. The information stored is not limited and this explains why marketers are now using qr codes in all online advertisings.

Other than their ability to store information, qr codes are also versatile and user-friendly. You simply scan the code and store the information on your mobile phone for future reference. These codes have been discovered to be great strategies for increased conversion rates and a business’s bottom line. So, if you have been asking yourself ‘how can I make my own qr code’ keep reading.

Reasons why you need a qr code

As mentioned earlier, qr codes are versatile therefore, you can use them for anything. These codes are also beneficial to both parties; the business and its customers. Example, a business cuts down expenditure by giving out qr codes that lead to their website or URL. All the customers have to do is scan that code and thy will have access to all the information they need about that business.

QR codes also act as the link between different forms of marketing streams. The link exposes the business to the maximum which mostly translates to increased revenue.

How to make my own qr code

  • Identify a suitable qr code generator. There are many available like Kaywa, and Microsoft Tag, go for the one that has been reviewed positively by many users.
  • When designing it, make sure the design you choose best represents your business. The best part about designing a qr code is that you will be able to include images that represent your business.
  • Link the code to your website.  You next link the code to your website so that whenever a person scans the qr code, s/he will be redirected to your website.
  • Test the qr code to be sure it works.
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