Make Free QR Code – Learn How To Create QR Code Free

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Make Free QR Code

Do you own an online business and are always on the look-out for new ways to engage with your customers? If so, then qr codes are what you need. Quick response codes are two-dimensional codes that are much like the common barcodes. However, they are different in that, they are square and have the capability of storing massive amounts of data.

If you are wondering whether the design and color of the qr codes will represent your business brand then worry no more. There is now technology that makes it possible for you to give the boring black and white codes some color making it more attractive to the naked eye. The technology also enables you to add some image to the code thereby making the code more suitable to your line of business.

How to make free qr code

  • The first and most important step when learning how to make free qr code is to find the most suitable qr code generator. The generator should:
  • Be able to create a code in minutes or less
  • Have the ability to customize your code thus adding color and image
  • Should be free
  • Should be user-friendly

Creating the code

Once you have come across a generator that has the above features and is suitable for the operating system you are using, you will be well on your way to making your own qr code. Next, download the generator and have it installed in your smartphone.

The best part is, there are some smartphones that come with a pre-installed qr code scanner that also doubles up as a qr code creator. Once you have installed the generator, you can make free qr code by following the steps provided. Link the qr code to your online business website and then test to see whether it works.

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