Make A QR Code Free – Benefits Of QR Codes

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Make a QR Code Free

Sites like Facebook and Yelp are awesome tools to use in this modern technologically developed world. However, the hard part is getting people to actually like the Facebook page and even write a review about your business.

When trying to attract new customers, many business owners use ads, flyers and even direct mail and by suing these methods of advertising, one thing is certain and it is that the amount of information they get to share is quite limited. This in turn hinders complete engagement with customers and potential customers.

Now, imagine being part of a world where the sharing of information to market your business is not limited by paper or advertising space. Imagine being able to market your business website on a business card. That is what qr codes enable you to do.

How to benefit from qr codes

One of the major ways qr codes will benefit your business is by enhancing customer engagement with your business. These codes contain all information you could think of about a business.

Another way you can benefit from qr odes is by growing your social community. QR codes make it easy for you to attract new customers. Your clients might get compelled to like your social page from just scanning qr codes.

QR codes can also help you give out freebies to all new customers or even existing ones. Incorporating qr codes in coupons will make the advertising more engaging and attractive. What’s more, thanks to qr codes, you will be able to increase your email list and thereby increasing the chances of getting customer feedback.

QR Code generators that will help you make a qr code free

There are many qr code generators out there that come with free and paid-for versions. The good thing is, different operating systems have their own qr code generators. Below are the four most used generators that help you make a qr code free:

  • Kaywa
  • Microsoft Tag
  • QR Barcode Scanner
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