Make A QR Code For Free – Making Use Of QR Codes

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Make a QR Code for Free

QR codes seem to be everywhere you look. On billboards, magazine ads, business cards, websites and clothing among other places. QR codes are quick response codes that can be scanned using a smartphone to reveal the information stored within.

The information that is embedded inside these codes can include URL links, coupon codes, plain text, contact details or even information about a company or brand. One of the reasons as to why many online marketers and advertisers like using qr codes is because they have the ability to store over 4000 different characters.

QR codes can also be used all over the globe as they are standardized. Initially, these codes were only used in Japan but as time went by they were introduced into the UK market and ultimately became a global marketing strategy.

Will customers see it after you make a qr code for free

Thing is, if you have been able to successfully make a qr code for free, there is no reason as to why your customers should not see it and be able to use it. Some of your customers will also appreciate the fact that you are updated technologically and for those who will not, they will at-least be inquisitive and this is a good way to also introduce them to using qr codes to get information they want/need about your business.

Where to place your qr code

Once you have learnt how to make a qr code for free, the next step is deciding the best placement position. Placement is important because it will determine whether your customers scan it or not. If you place it in a place where it is not visible to customers, you might end up losing instead of gaining from using qr codes. However, this does not mean that you overshadow your business or a product with a qr code that can be spotted from miles away.

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