Make A QR Code For A Website – Making A QR Code For A Website

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Make a QR Code for a Website

Quick respond codes better known as qr codes are 2D codes that have the ability to store massive data and can be scanned using a smartphone. One a qr code has been scanned using a reader app, you will be redirected to the location chosen by the code creator. The location could be a website page, where you could get access to unlimited information on a service or product.

Make a QR code for a website and using it

QR codes have been around for more than two decades, but their use has dramatically increased in the last decade. They are widely used for online marketing and advertising as well as for storage of contact information or services and product information.

One of the best reasons for using qr codes is that, all smartphones have the ability to scan a qr code no matter which OS that phone is using. These generators also have free and paid-for versions thus making their availability open to different people.

How to make a qr code for a website

Below are easy steps that will help you make a qr code for a website:

  1. Identify a suitable qr code generator: you should know that there are many generators out there for each OS. The idea is to go for the one that has the highest ratings from other users. A highly rated qr code generator means that it is reliable.
  2. Next, design your code: this is where you have the opportunity to add color to the code for a more friendly and personalized look.
  3. Link the qr code: Here, you will be required to link the code to a website so that, whenever a scan is made on the qr code, it will redirect to a website of your choice.

Lastly, before you print the qr code or include in in your website’s contact information, you will have to test it to ensure it works.

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