Logo QR code

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Logo QR code

A QR code is a quick response or two dimensional readable barcode that can store a lot of information. Good thing about using these codes is they can easily be read using dedicated devices such as Smartphone’s. With so many people having Smartphone’s, it is evident that these codes are bound to increase. This is because they have the potential to positively influence your business especially if you intend to use it as a marketing tool.

Logo QR code-customizing QR codes

Creating a QR code with a logo is one of the ways through which you could customize these codes. In doing so, a logo is centered on the centre of your code. The size of the logo could either be 1/3 of the QR code or less. This is because there are some areas of a code that should not be covered lest you hinder its scanability.

Even so, incase you do tamper with some part of your QR code that should not raise an alarm. Due to advancement in technology, there are some errors that can be corrected. All you have to do is create logo QR codes and rest assured even that hidden data can still be scanned through the wide selection of barcode scanners available.

Logo qr code – What is the cost of QR codes with logo

There is nothing to worry about in terms of costing. This is because most of these codes are downloadable from the internet and are free of charge. However, those creating these codes have a way of charging customers. Generally, if you want a logo on your QR code, they will first create an offer for you informing you the price so you can give the go ahead. Many times, the price is based on the effect of the logo they put. This is just to make sure the logo works for you.

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