Life’s A Pitch. How To Make Yours Stick

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Conferences such as TechCrunch’s Disrupt or AdTech are a fight for survival for start up companies seeking to be discovered and become the new Facebook, Twitter or Rovio. Hundreds of companies are battling to catch the attention of a small number of investors, marketing experts and press.

Duncan Seay, the founder of Evergram, came to Disrupt wearing a wedding dress. Needless to say, he caught the attention of those looking to invest in his startup. What Duncan’s wedding dress accomplished, was it gave him the time of day to pitch his company’s story to those looking to invest.

Duncan Seay ready for his big day

There is no doubt that anyone who met Duncan and heard his pitch will remember the guy in the wedding dress. For those (men) who are not ready to wear pantyhose, the challenge is finding a way to grab the spotlight, pitch your company and leave a lasting impression.

More often than not, it’s the conversations that take place out of the main conference room that close a deal. An average pitch takes under 2 minutes and the next question is, will “they” remember you after they hear from tens and hundreds who share the same dream of success.

According to @chrissyfarr , from VentureBeat, one very courageous Korean entrepreneur approached an investor in the bathroom over the urinal. Not sure how long that conversation lasted but that is exactly the point. Even if you succeed in catching the eyes and ears of prospective investors, you only have a very small window of opportunity to pitch your dream and leave a lasting impression.

Not the best idea

How To Stick It To Investors

So how do you get the attention you are looking for and leave a lasting impression on those who could become a lifeline for your company?

Let them take you home!

A conference is hustling and bustling and after a business makes a pitch the investors, marketing experts and press move on to the next dreamer. Everyone is trying to make connections and it’s a brutal fight for survival. You need a solution that will allow those who heard your pitch to take your dream, demo and excitement home with them.

It is exactly this problem that convinced us at Visualead to use our Visual QR Code technology to create interactive stickers. Unlike QR Codes that must be defined at the time they are created Visualead’s visual QR stickers can be defined at any time and by anyone.

Take the Facebook Visual QR Code sticker for example:

Scan it and make it yours

The first time someone scans the Visual QR Code sticker they become the owner of the code and can define exactly where they want future scans to lead people to. The only way to edit definitions given to a specific Visual QR Code sticker is through the owner’s email.

In the example above, the owner would define the scan destination as their Facebook page as it is clear from the sticker logo and design that anyone who scans the Visual QR above will be redirected to a Facebook page.

Go ahead, give it a try. Be the first to scan the Facebook visual QR Code. If you are the first to scan it you will be given ownership and the ability to define the destination. If you were not fast enough it will lead to the page the first scanner defined.

Here are some other examples of Visualead Visual QR Code sticker designs that have already been used at marketing conferences:

Instead of awkwardly trying to lull people over to your booth to watch a demo or hear an explanation or even take a look at important analytics, let them have it and make it stick.

If WAZE wanted to pitch their new update to marketing experts. They can put up a computer at the WAZE booth and hope people will stick around or they can hand out a WAZE visual QR Code sticker that will allow anyone to take their demo with them and watch it at anytime from anywhere.

Scan And Be Amazed At Waze

While investors, marketing experts and potential affiliates will be relying on memory when it comes to what they saw and heard from hundreds of companies, the Visual QR stickers will allow them to watch, learn and interact with your company anywhere, anytime and long after the crowds have let them breathe.

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