Large QR Code Generator

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Large QR Code Generator

Have you heard about QR codes and are wondering what they are? QR codes are two dimensional, black and square-shaped codes that sit on a white background. The initials ‘QR’ stand for quick response which is the name that was given to these codes because the main reason for creating these codes was so that they could be quickly read.

Back when QR codes had not gained as much popularity as they have now, they were used on cases of rental videos, paperback spines, sushi plates and to track car parts in the manufacturing industry. Now, they have different uses the biggest one being storage of information that is used in marketing and advertising.

Large QR code generator – How large are QR codes?

A QR code’s size is dependent on the symbol version and module size. Module size refers to the size of modules that make up that code i.e. the small squares. The printer used to make a QR code also plays a role in determining just how small that QR code will be. Using an ordinary laser printer, the minimum module size you can print is 0.17mm.

There are currently 40 QR code versions ranging from 1 to 40 and each has a unique module number. The smallest QR code version has 21 by 21 modules. Therefore, the minimum size of QR codes is 0.17mm by 21 i.e. about 3.75mm.

Conversely, large codes have no limits because the QR code’s modules are made large when printed out as large images. However, if the QR code is made too big, it may be impossible to read it using a scanner (your Smartphone).

Large QR code generator-using QR code for inconsistent size data

Whether you can change a QR code’s size or not is dependent on the large QR code generator you are using. However, if you attempt to fix that version, there will occur an error because the information you are storing is larger than the data amount that can be stored in that QR code version.

With that information, you can now go ahead and create your own QR codes. Here is how:

  • Access an online QR generator
  • In the box, enter the content you wish to be embedded in the QR code.
  • Choose the QR code size you want
  • At your web browser’s menu bar, click on “File”.
  • Select “save” and identify the pale you wish to save the code.


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