IPhone QR Scanner

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It seems like an eternity since the launch of the iPhone but this has not made people stop talking about it. Some opinions are negative while others are positive. Nevertheless, apple is always on a rebirth journey when it comes to the iPhone. One of the many things iPhones are able to do is scan QR codes. With aid of an iPhone QR scanner, you are able to get access to whatever information that has been encoded in a QR code.

iPhone QR Scanner

IPhone QR scanner – About QR codes

QR Codes seem to be popping all over the place. In case you have not been familiarized with them, Quick Response codes are two-dimensional codes that have the ability to store massive information and different characters. This is in comparison to the traditional barcode. These codes are black and white square-shaped boxes created on a white background. The fact that these codes are now used almost everywhere you look means that they are here to stay.

There are many QR code scanners available to your iPhone Operating System. Some of them are free while others are paid versions. These scanners also have the ability to retrieve different content like texts, phone numbers, URLs etc.

Some iPhone QR Scanner to choose from

If you own an iPhone and are wondering which QR code scanner app to install, here are some you could consider using:

  • QR Reader for iPhone: The people who develop this reader were completely right. It is lightning-fast and has a wide array of sharing options and usability. It is also catchy on the eye. When reading a code using this app, you will see some “details” view that enables you to launch some other app to access the information. However, if the information embedded in the QR code is a URL or text, the information will open within the app. URLs have an in-built web browser and this eliminates the need to launch Safari.
  • QR Scanner: This is also a fast scanner and with it, there is no need to align the scanner-screen with the code. Its settings are similar to that of TapReaders which makes it possible for you to customize the app that launches automatically when a code is scanned.
  • TapReader: This app allows you to scan multiple QR codes with success. It also has a feature that enables you to turn the vibration and sound off and on. It also gives you the ability to choose the type of data that will automatically launch all other applications.
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