IPhone QR codes

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IPhone QR codes

QR codes are simply barcodes that are a little bit different. QR codes are two dimensional barcodes. These types of barcodes store more data than traditional barcodes.

IPhone QR codes – The history of QR codes

QR codes were invented in Japan, in the 1990’s where they were only being used to track car parts in the car manufacturing industry. Over time, people have found more than one way that they can use QR codes. Due to the ability of QR codes to store a lot of data, business owners are using them to their advantage. They are storing website URLs, email address, text message and even their phone numbers for their customers and potential clients. QR codes take up very little space, meaning a lot of information can be passed on to clients easily.

QR codes appear to be black square boxes that are placed on a white background. When it comes to creating QR codes, there are very many QR code generating apps that are suitable for use by people who are using android phones. There are not as many QR code applications that can be used with iPhones. This causes iPhone users to feel as if they are left out.

The fact that there are not as many QR code apps available for iPhones as there are for android doesn’t mean that iPhone users are limited. The truth is, there are more than a handful of applications that are available and are compatible with iPhones which work quite well. iPhone users can, therefore, can enjoy the benefits of QR codes.

IPhone QR codes – QR code apps for iphones (scanners)

Below are some of the best QR code scanners that can be used with iphones:

  1. QR code reader and scanner – this app is among the best QR code scanners for iPhone users. Other than scanning QR codes, QR code reader and scanner can also scan barcodes.
  2. ShopSavvy classic – this is a type of barcode scanner that is compatible with the operating system of an iPhone. This scanner can scan all types of barcodes, including QR codes.
  3. ScanLife – this is an all in one bar code and QR code scanner. This application has the ability to scan codes in a matter of seconds. The information that is contained in the code is automatically saved in your smartphone device.
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