Thinking Out of the Box – Innovative QR Code Usage

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90% of the QR Codes I see lead to companies’ websites, even if the product isn’t something that can be bought via the website. This is the most common use of the QR Code in the West, although the customer doesn’t have much to gain from it, which means consequently, that neither does the business. Uses such as this have advanced the notion that QR Codes aren’t very useful at all. But the QR Code is simply an easy-to-use vector for getting people online and they can lead people anywhere you tell them to. So it’s about time to step out of the box and get creative about using QR Codes in a whole new way.

Innovative QR Code Usage

  • Lviv, a city in Ukraine, sees the potential in QR Codes and has implemented them around the city in various spots to help tourists learn more about the various landmarks, navigate easily and get basic information about city services. Considering that Text QR Codes don’t require an internet connection, this is a great and innovative way for a city to promote itself as a convenient getaway for tourists.
  • QR Codes are excellent as a time saver and Bulgaria’s subway system understands how important time can be for stressed out subway riders. They’ve decided to offer their users a mobile payment solution based on QR Code usage. No more lines – just scan -> pay -> ride.
  • Whenever we don’t know something, the first person we ask is Google. One of the most useful features Google has for us clueless dummies are how-to videos which can show us anything from how to change a tire to how to change a diaper, step by step. A great use for QR Codes is having them direct your customers to relevant how-to videos for your product – ‘how-to construct this chair’, ‘how-to make spaghetti Bolognese with this sauce’, ‘5 steps for creating a QR Code’.
  • Another creative way to market your business is to reach beyond the boundaries of the net and try to reach your customers with cool and innovative ways such as offering them QR Codes on T-shirts to scan. Use Visualead’s generator to create a memorable and attractive Visual QR Code that your customers won’t forget for a while.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for examples of innovative QR Code usage. Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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