If QR Codes Could Talk, Here Are The Demands They Would Make


There are those who love QR Codes and those who hate them. It always humors me to see blogs and people getting personal and emotional over the QR Code debate.
Whatever side you are on, let’s not forget we are talking about a marketing tool. It really has nothing to do with love and everything to do with being effective when it comes to mobile marketing.

For those of you interested in debating, read here a post called “What’s Love Go To Do With It?”

In a day and age where everyone has a stage to protest and voice their opinion, here’s what QR Codes would say, if they could talk.

If QR Codes could talk

We the QR Codes are sick and tired of being abused and plastered everywhere with absolutely no point. We are very good at what we do and are totally reliable and can guarantee results, every timeWe are computer generated codes whose job is to act as a bridge and instantly lead users from offline to online world. When it comes to mobile marketing we will lead anyone who engages and scans us to an online mobile destination. When used correctly we can bring results and connect over five billion mobile subscribers to your business. If you chose to use us incorrectly we will not work and can actually be harmful to your marketing campaign.

QR Code demands For Effective Mobile Engagement:

  • Think before you QR Code an ad
  • Make sure the destination you defined for a QR Code is mobile enabled
  • Offer real value to someone who stops their day to scan a QR Code.
  • Make sure we can be scanned from the location you placed us on without putting people in danger

It’s not hip to be a square so please give us a makeover

You shrink us down and stick us in the corner of an ad and expect people to pay attention to us?
When we were created our job was to interact with computers and machines so the black and white squares were suffice but if you want to use us to interact with humans and attract mobile engagement, it’s time to evolve.

 Here is a full gallery of evolved Visual QR Codes, do not leave us as meaningless uncreative, uncommunicative black and white QR Codes. We were born to engage, let us do our job.

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