How Visualead can help you create a business card with a QR Code and logo

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What is Visualead and why should I choose it over its competitors? 

Visualead is a leading QR code generating app, which provides its users with a full set of features to guide them through the entire QR code generation process.

There are many advantages in using Visualead over its competitors, including added features and an extremely user-friendly interface. For example, QR codes created through Visualead are easily scanned and recognized, unlike the QR codes of lower end apps. Furthermore, Visualead was designed with the mindset that even users inexperienced with QR codes should be able to navigate through the app seamlessly. In this regard, Visualead is a tremendous success—novices and pros alike find comfort in the Visualead interface.

How do I use the features included in Visualead to integrate a QR code into my business card?

It’s quite simple in fact. The app’s QR code generator allows you to instantly design a QR code from any part of a selected image. The entire process consists of three simple steps:

  1. Choosing the image that you would like to merge into a QR code
  2. Defining the destination of your QR code
  3. Placing the QR code in the desired destination of your design

This allows you to integrate QR codes into images exactly how you see fit, enabling you to create attractive eye-catching codes that best further your marketing strategy.

Will the quality of my image be compromised?

Absolutely not! Visualead has all of the capacity required to handle even high resolution images. You’ll never be required to compromise on the original dimensions, resolution or format of your image. Simply upload the image, integrate the QR code, and you’re good to go! All of the designing is left to the preferences of the user, which even extends to the possibility of including transparent designs alongside the QR code.

How will a Visualead QR code impact my business card or logo?

Instead of making due with a bland black and white QR code that will stir nothing more than a yawn, Visualead will take your QR codes to the next level. Visualead introduces a new level of professionalism into the world of QR generation, which allows for distinctive QR codes that will truly catch the attention of any reader.

Choose the design that you want – the one which best symbolizes your brand, without compromising on the quality of your selected image. Make sure that your business card stands out, by embedding the highest quality of design into your QR codes.

At its core, Visualead enables its users to transform any image or design into an integral component of a brand’s online marketing strategy. Whether you’re designing a logo or looking to enhance your standard business card, Visualead’s features will offer you tremendous benefits and clear direction.

Best of all, Visualead is extremely simple to learn, and once you download the app you’ll be generating unique designs in no time at all!

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