How Valentine’s Visual QR Codes Will Make You Fall In Love


There is no holiday like Valentine’s Day to talk about engagement.  Flowers, chocolates, cards, poems and love letters are just some of the examples of how people share their love with the ones they love.

Here are four Valentine Visual QR Codes that will make anyone fall head over heels.

1. A Valentine’s heart with a pulse

 Using the Visualead’s Visual QR Code Generator and the new instant mobile page option, you can turn any design into an interactive mobile love letter.
Scan the heart using any one of the regular QR Code readers and melt when you see the message this romantic sent his Valentine.

 2. Is that your song playing?

Remember that first date when you and your Valentine picked a song that would be “your song”?
Send a box of chocolates and add a musical Visual QR Code and watch your Valentine melt.
What song is ‘your song’?
Scan below for some
love tunes.

 3. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a clip from your wedding day

Scan the flowers and send your Valentine down memory LOVE lane.

 4. A Visual QR Code Valentine proposal. She scans your heart and you propose.

 More Visual QR Code designs created with love.



Create your own Visual QR Code and make Valentine’s day special.

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