How To Use QR Code; Learn How To Use QR Codes

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How to use QR Code

You have probably come across them in public places or on billboards and in your mail. They are square, black and white codes that somewhat resemble barcodes and they are called qr codes.

QR codes are convenient in that, they display information that can be easily accessed by simply scanning the code. What’s more, you do not need to walk around with those big machines used to scan UPC codes; all you need is your Smartphones. Their creation has made physical items more interactive.

If you are wondering how qr codes are used, think of them as Universal Product (UPC) codes you see on products in convenient stores. Only different is qr codes are used on a much broader scale and not limited to just identifying products.

How to use qr codes

The most popular use of qr codes is to display information that is on different websites. For example, assume that you are at some trade show and you pass by a booth and would like to know , more about a product without wanting to ask a person, you will simply take out your smartphone and scan the qr code to get the information you want.

These two-dimensional codes can also be used on billboards and bus shelters. QR codes are flexible in that, they can be places anywhere you can think of.  The best part is that you have the option of creating one for free and without any help.

How not to use qr codes

QR codes are used to access let’s say a website with ease. Therefore, when a qr code is placed in a website, that frankly defeats its purpose. Reason being, why would anyone want to scan the qr code when s/he has already accessed the website. You can instead place your qr code on your:

  • Facebook profile
  • Twitter acount
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