How to Read QR Code

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How to Read QR Code Q11

QR codes have the ability to encode just about all types of information. This factor is what has seen them be used for many other things other than just marketing and advertising. For example, there are conveyor sushi belt restaurants that print out QR codes on all plates that are on the belt. They then put in place a camera that keeps reading the QR codes on the plates. The camera has been made in such a way that it is able to tell whether the sushi plate has been on the belt for long (therefore containing cold sushi). Once the camera detects that the food is cold, it alerts the restaurant wait staff and they immediately replace it with warm food.

Another example on the various ways through which QR codes have been used is on clothing like t-shirts. Today you’ll find clothes that have QR codes printed on them. Therefore, when a passerby scans the QR code on that t-shirt, s/he is redirected to the wearer’s social site or some other site. This is a great mobile marketing strategy.

Accessing your QR codes

No matter where you are, you have the ability to take advantage of all the good that comes with QR codes. To access QR codes, you will need a QR code reading app like QR Droid for those using Android, Blackberry Messenger 5.0 for those using Blackberry, and NeoReader for those using iPhone OS.

You simply download them and install them in your smartphone. Next, launch the app and follow any prompts given. If there are none, you should point the camera of the smartphone against the QR code (as you would when taking a picture). At this point, the app should start scanning the QR code and when it is through (which usually takes a few seconds) you will be able to access the information inside that QR code.

How to read QR code for best results

The above mentioned steps do not always work for all people. For you to get the best results, you should:

  • Squarely aim the device at the QR code instead of at an angle.
  • Minimize any glare that might be coming from stray sources of light. If need be, cover the camera from the light rays using your hand.
  • Once the scanner has recognized the QR code, a beep sound will be heard. Next, launch your web browser for you to get the information i.e. in case it is a link/URL.
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