How to read QR code with iphone

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How to read QR code with iphone

QR codes were first invented in Japan. Back then, the codes were used for tracking car parts in car manufacturing companies. This was the main use of QR codes in those days. Creating QR codes was not easy and only a few people knew how to do it. However, as years passed their use took a whole new direction. It is now two decades later and the use of QR codes has radically grown. Online marketing and advertising are some of the areas these code have received massive recognition. Today, QR codes can be created by anyone with an internet connection and scanned using smartphones. This means anyone who has a smartphone can read the contents of  a QR code.

How to read QR code with iphone- what is the best scanner for your iphone

It is advisable that you check whether your smart device has a pre-installed scanner before you download one. This is because there are some iPhones that come with pre- installed barcode readers. In this case, your work is made easier and all you have to do is activate the scanner to be able to use it. Nonetheless, if your phone does not have a ready to use scanner application, you can download one from the iPhone app store. Nonetheless, there are few factors to consider when choosing a good barcode reader for your iphone.

These factors include:

Ease of use- you should ensure that you get an easy to use reader. This means you should ensure the scanner can be used by anyone, even without the knowledge of reading codes.

Efficiency- you should get a scanner that can scan codes fast and effectively. You do not want to get a reader that takes too long to load or even decode your code’s content.

Flexibility- your barcode reader should be able to scan different types of QR codes without problems.

How to read QR code with iPhone – How are QR codes scanned?

Now that you know what makes a good barcode reader, can you use one?

Well, scanning a code is quite easy. With the scanner application installed in your smartphone, all you have to do is turn the app on and point your phone’s camera at the QR code. It should display the QR code’s content. Even so, there are other QR code reader apps that require you to capture the code as an image using the phones camera before scanning the QR code.

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