How To Merge Any Design With A Visual QR Code And Increase Customer Engagement

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Whether it be at TechCrunch Disrupt or at any of the tech conferences across the globe, mobile technology has taken over. Over1.86 billion mobile phones are expected to be shipped in 2013, of which 53 percent will be smartphones. According to the latest surveys the number of mobile phone subscribers is said to have reached over five billion and is suspected to outnumber the Earth’s present population by the end of the year.

If we were just talking about phones, this information would be shocking but totally useless to your business. The mobile revolution however, is not just about phones. In fact, according to a recent study, 85% of American adults own a smartphone and use the devices to do much more than just make phone calls. 

One of the biggest and fastest developing niches the mobile phone has introduced is mobile shopping. People can now search company information, download special promotions or even make purchases without actually entering a store. The mobile phone has given power to the customer to do what they want, when they want and from wherever they want to do it and right from the palm of their had using a mobile device.

Can ‘Brick & Mortar’ stores survive the mobile revolution? Here is a post I recently wrote about the threat of virtual over reality stores.

For businesses the mobile revolution is both good and bad. The potential for customer growth on the one hand is enormous, every person walking around with a smartphone is a potential customer. On the other hand, reaching the customers while they are on the go and giving them an incentive to interact without interfering with their day has become a marketing challenge.

Mobile enabled websites along with apps, email and SMS marketing campaigns are just a few of the tools being used today to engage potential customers.
There is one technology however, that is the most commonly used mobile marketing tool and has been growing yearly by hundreds of percents.
Love em or or hate em, QR Codes, or quick response codes, have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years like wildfire.  Companies are plastering these codes anywhere and everywhere they can in an attempt to interact and engage with mobile users.

While hundreds of millions of QR Codes are being generated every year, it seems that customers are not scanning them as much as marketers were expecting.

Stop thinking about the scan and start thinking about the experience

The key to a successful mobile marketing campaign is engagement.
The goal should not be number of scans but rather focus on what happens after the scan.
A QR Codes is a means to an end and marketers and companies must remember that. When a customer scans a QR Code it should be the beginning of their mobile engagement, not the end.

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A company’s logo or advertisement is designed as a call to action to trigger an emotional response with potential customers that will drive them to interact.

Logos that trigger emotion

The traditional QR Code on the other hand, is a meaningless computer code that offers no incentive for customers to to scan and no design that they can relate to.

Visual QR Codes merge the design people love with the technology people recognize

Call To Action

A Call To Action With An Ability To Take Action

Instead of designing a advertisement and then figuring out where to put the QR Code, Visual QR codes can become an integral part of a design story bridging the call to action with the ability to actually engage.

 Visual QR Codes: Relevant for brands as much as they are attractive to users

In a world that revolves around branding the Visual QR Code is the perfect tool for businesses to strengthen brand loyalty. The idea is simple, the brand and logo that causes the will of the customer to interact  can actually become the trigger to do so.


Visual QR Codes keep the familiar mobile scanning technology and add the freedom of design. Less code and more design creates a more inviting and effective mobile marketing campaign.

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How much do you think freedom of design offered with Visual QR Codes would boost customer scanning?

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