How To Make Your Own QR Code – What The Future Holds

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How to make your own QR Code

They originated from Japan and are now very common there; they are quick response codes better known as qr codes. QR codes are used to transfer information from transitory media to a smartphone. When you look keenly, you will see them in newspapers, billboards, magazine ads and many other places. Some codes will provide you with details about a company while others will just give you a message from a person or contact information.

Once this code is in your mobile phone, you have the ability to scanning it more than once to be able to see a movie trailer or redeem a coupon. One of the reasons as to why qr codes are preferred by advertisers and marketers than the traditional barcodes is because they can store massive amount of information which includes, but not limited to, text, geo coordinates and URL links. The other benefit is that, you do not need to have a big scanner to scan the codes since a smartphone is good enough.

How to make your own qr code

Making your own qr code is easy because all you need is to install a qr code reader or scanner in your smartphone. Visit sites such as Kaywa or you can use Open Source codes to make codes if you have the help of a smart developer. Google also have their own qr code generator. Installing a code reader will take you about a minute or even less depending in the qr code generator you are using.

What’s the future for qr codes when it comes to search engines?

When you add qr codes to your site, search engines like Google will notice that your website has changed and that they are up-to-date. Since search engines also take note of the new index and image and a time will come when they will recognize qr codes and even possibly start indexing the content within the codes.

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