How to make free QR codes

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how to make free qr codes

By now, probably everyone reading this post has come across of at least heard of quick response codes. If you still find the QR codes concept ambiguous, you should read on to understand more about these codes.

Quick response codes or better yet QR codes are a great way of doing business advertising and marketing. You can easily identify a QR codes with its matrix box shape. These matrix boxes are used to carry information regarding a business or brand, hence their use for marketing.

Under rare circumstances, quick response codes can also be used for personal reasons. Under such circumstances, people mostly use these codes in their resume. Instead of printing everything down, they include the code to redirect the potential employer to a page where they can learn more about the applicant or where they can find works previously done by the applicant.

How to make free QR codes – Getting to know more on QR codes

What most people do not know is the fact that quick response codes have been in existence and use for more than 2o years now. In fact, these codes were first invented and used in Japanese car manufacturing companies to track car parts inventory.

It took these codes close to ten years before discovering that these codes could be used for other purposes other than tracking inventory. Today, QR codes are being used in many parts of the world. This is because they have been seen as an easy way of doing mobile marketing and advertising. How? You ask; quick response codes can be scanned through the use of smartphones. This is why using them for advertising and marketing is regarded as an easy way of reaching clients through their mobile phones.

How to make free QR codes – creating QR codes without spending money

For anyone to be able to create QR codes, they need to have a QR code generator. These are online tools that are programmed to enable users to create QR codes. QR code generators can be found as free versions or paid for versions. While most people imagine that the free versions are not as effective as the premium versions, the truth is there are free QR code generators that work better than the premium versions. A good example is visualead QR code generator.

To create free QR codes:

  • Go to the QR generator’s website and follow the prompts to create the code.
  • Choose and enter the type of data you want the code to transmit.
  • Customize your code and create the code.

Test your QR code before availing it to make sure it is working as it should.

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