How to make free QR code

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How to make free QR code

QR codes were invented in the 90s in Japan where they were used in a car parts manufacturing industry. This was the only place that QR codes were used. This has, however, changed over the years as people have come up with more than one way that they can use QR codes. QR is an abbreviation of quick response, as QR codes display encoded data in a matter of seconds when they are scanned. As opposed to back then when QR codes were invented, it’s not a must for you to carry large barcode scanners so as to scan QR codes. All you need is a smartphone that has a QR code scanning application installed.

How to make free QR code –  choosing a QR code generator

Creating QR codes is very easy. There are a number of QR code generators that are available to help you do this. There are QR code generators that offer their services free of charge. There are also QR code generators that require little payment for using them. Whichever QR code generator you choose, you can be sure that you will be able to successfully create your own QR code easily. There are a few factors that you need to consider when it comes to choosing a QR code generator:

  • Code redirection – select a QR code generator that has flexible redirection. By so doing you will ensure that the clients scanning the QR code will be redirected to the URL on the QR code without delay.
  • Speed – speed is a very essential factor to consider when choosing QR code generators. This is because a good QR code generator should have the ability to create a QR code in a matter of seconds, thus making is easy for one to make many QR codes if need be.
  • Flexibility – a good QR code generator should be able to create different types of QR codes.

One QR code generator that meets all the above requirements is Visualead.

Free QR code create

On selecting an ideal QR code generator from the internet, enter the data that you want in the text box provided. It is important to ensure that the information is useful. You can choose to include an image or a logo in the QR code, and at the same time add some color to your QR code so as to give it a more customized look. A customized QR code can attract more people to scan it. Press the create QR button then download and print the QR code.

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