How to get QR codes

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How to get QR codes

You have probably come across these squares on billboards, magazines or in your emails. QR codes are square shaped matrixes in black and white color on a white background.  Over the last decade,it is evident that their popularity has been on the rise. This popularity can be credited on their flexibility, ease to use and the convenience they come with. Also, unlike traditional barcodes which require big scanners to translate the codes, qr codes work slightly differently. Instead, QR codes only require you to have a smart device or Smartphone to scan them and you are good to go. Your Smartphone’s camera is what serves as your barcode scanner. Getting a QR code is just as easy as it sounds.

Read on and find out how to get QR codes as well as how you can easily scan them with just a few clicks on your phone.

Getting QR codes

As mentioned above, getting a QR codes is easy. The best part is there are some apps that also have the option of creating a QR code. Besides that, there are other qr codesthat come with ready to use generators. Many of the QR code generators are compatible with different operating systems. Even so, not all of them are made this way.

How to scan a QR code

Scanning a QR code is very easy. All you need to have is a Smartphone. Most modern day Smartphone’s come with ready to use pre-installed QR code scanners while others do not. If the Smartphone you are using does not have a barcode scanner, ensure that it is data enabled so that you can download one from the internet and you are good to go. Once you download your qr code reader, you can go ahead and scan your codes.

A little research will lead you to various ways you can use QR codes.

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