How to Generate QR Codes

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How to Generate QR Codes

QR codes, also known as quick response codes, are 2 dimensional codes that are fast gaining popularity in many countries around the globe. One of the many things that have contributed to the rise in popularity for these codes is their user-friendliness. QR codes also have the ability to store massive amounts of information. They are a huge upgrade from the traditional barcodes.

The fact that these codes can be scanned easily using a smart phone’s camera is also the reason why many business people are creating QR codes. Most of them use these square shaped codes to attract potential customers to their online stores. They make wonderful tools for driving traffic to a website. The information embedded inside these black and white matrix codes can also help people know more about a company and/or the products and services it offers.

How to generate QR codes

First off, you should take time to look at some of the many QR code generators available to you. There are some that are free while others also come with a paid-for version. Once you have identified the generator you want to use, you can proceed to making a QR code. Here is how to generate QR codes:

  • Open the QR code generator.
  • Select the QR code type you want to create.
  • Design the code by including some color and images that best represent your business brand.
  • Test the QR code out and then print it out to the location of your choosing.

It is that easy to create a QR code. You do not have to be a coding guru or have any experience t create one.

Scanning a QR code

Without a doubt, QR codes have revolutionized the world of internet marketing and advertising. They have enabled artists and promoters to easily give out their materials to their audiences using QR code scanning devices such as smartphones. There are various QR code generators that also come with a scanning feature. QR code generators come with different features. It is up to you to identify the one that best works for you.

Once you have learnt how to generate QR codes, you now open the QR code to test it out. Take out your smart phone and open the QR code scanning app. Align the camera along with the QR code and follow any prompts given.

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