How to Generate Free QR Codes

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How to Generate Free QR Codes

Using Quick Response (QR) Codes is the easiest and most popular way of connecting print and mobile. These codes are all around us and even if you think that you have not seen them, take a closer look and you can be sure you will come across at least two QR Codes.

How to generate free QR Codes –what you should know

Many people assume that not just anyone can create QR Codes since they look like complex codes. Truth is generating a QR Code is as easy as can be and anyone with basic computer skills can do it.In-order for you to read a QR Code, you will have to install a scanning app. There are plenty of QR Code scanning apps available for the different Operating Systems available.What’s more, some of these QR Code reading apps are free to install and use.

How to generate free QR codes – Some uses of QR Codes

  • Business cards: Whilst your business card always has your contacts, a QR Code is an excellent idea as it gives you enough space to include all sorts of contact details.
  • Classified ads: Looking to sell locally? If you have weight hardware, electrical items or even a car to sell, using a QR Code can actually help it move faster. Just print a QR Code on the item to be sold and in the code, embed all the features and price of the item.
  • Jewellery and clothing: Just like flowers and images are used to decorate jewellery and clothing, you can also use QR Codes to decorate them. The best part is that, they can contain information like where the clothing and jewellery is located and even may redirect to your website.
  • Forum avatars: You can create an avatar which will be a quick way of getting identified in a forum.Even though you may not use the same avatar in all forums, it will definitely drive traffic to your website.
  • Resume/CV: When you add a QR Code to your resume, you automatically create a way of having your resume stand out.This is more so if you are in the tech field.
  • Social media likes or following: You can embed your social media account to your QR Code and set it in a way that whenever someone scans the code, s/he automatically Follows you on Twitter or likes your Facebook Page.

Remember, QR Codes do not limit the amount of information you can share. It is up to you to decide what information will benefit those scanning the code.

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