How to generate free QR code

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how to generate free qr code

Most people look at quick codes and assume that one has to be a rocket scientist to be able to decode it. Also know as QR codes, quick response codes are 2 dimensional types of codes that have gained a lot of popularity in the USA and many other parts of the globe. A QR code stores information which can be scanned easily and stored in any Smartphone.

Many businesses have experiences the benefits of using QR codes to market their brands. Others use quick response codes to attract current and potential customers to their websites where they can get more info about the brand, business or company as well as the products or services offered.

So, how can one generate a QR code?

Before you can learn how to generate a QR code, you need to learn how to choose an ideal generator. If you do not know, a QR code generator is an online program that is designed to help in creating a quick response code. Some of these generators are available for free while a few are available at a fee.

How to generate free QR code – Qualities of a good generator

For you to be able to generate ideal QR codes, you need to consider a few factors in your QR code generator selection process. Once you have these factors sorted, you can be sure to create the best QR codes using state of the art QR code generators. Some qualities to look for in a generator include:

  • Speed – An ideal QR code generator should be very fast. It should take only less than a minute to create the QR code.
  • Security – An ideal QR code generator should be secure to use. It should not cause security hitches to the user. The generator should also allow the user to share long urls accurately and efficiently.
  • Affordability – Most QR code generators are free. However, there are those QR generators that require you to pay. Some of the paid for generators aim at squeezing money out of you.

How to generate free QR code – How to use your free generator to create your QR code

Once you have identified the most ideal generator for you, you can go ahead and use it to create your QR code.

  • Go to the QR code generator’s website and login.
  • Choose the type of QR code you would like to create.
  • In the text box provided, enter the info you want to encode in the QR code.
  • Click on create QR code.

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